Responding to COVID-19

A lot has changed in the last few days.  On March 11th, 2020, COVID-19 was declared to be a global pandemic.  Since then, your inbox and social media feeds have been inundated with tips on how to stay healthy, appropriately wash your hands, and how to #socialdistance

This post and the next several posts won’t cover any of the material already being shared... Instead, we will focus on ways to love your city, love your neighbor, love your local businesses, and ultimately ways to Love FoCo.

In partnership with Vineyard Church of the Rockies, we want to provide you with all kinds of ways to love and serve your city.

Right now, there are plenty of young, healthy, and able-bodied individuals seeking ways to serve the more vulnerable of our population.  At the same time, there are many people who are elderly, are immune-compromised, or have respiratory illnesses who are high-risk when it comes to COVID-19.

How can healthy people serve the at-risk community? Does social distancing and restrictions on gathering sizes mean isolation? How can we fight COVID-19 and also stay aware of other mental health issues? How can we continue to serve and love the city we care so deeply about? These questions, among many others, will be the topics of choice in our future posts.

Until then, here are two great places to start:

This is a Coronavirus response website specific to the state of Colorado that will help connect the dots for you to all kinds of different opportunities to support our efforts as a state.  On it, you can find ways to donate supplies, money, where to donate blood, as well as ask for assistance.  

Vineyard Church of the Rockies started LoveFoco.Com in an effort to love, serve, and support residents, businesses, and organizations within the Fort Collins, CO area.  By visiting our site, you can find access to our Sunday church live stream, you can request assistance, and you can join our many teams in an effort to LoveFoCo through this corona-crisis.

Stay tuned for more information and ways to Love FoCo!

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