State of the City Address

Tim Keller is one of my favorite pastors, writers, and Christian leaders these days. With his expansive understanding and provoking thought process, he forces me to dig deeper into my own faith and sharpen my communication.

Active on Twitter, Keller released this statement a few years ago and at first, I admit, I wanted to argue with him… he said:

“Cities have more of the image of God per square inch than any other place on earth.”


I wanted to argue because of the unique and individual care that God places on each person and each geographic region. I thought to myself: “Tim, are you saying that God doesn’t care about rural people? Today I live in Fort Collins but what about those years I spent in small-town Iowa?”

Of course, after my initial response subsided I realized something important: Tim wasn’t talking about the validity of rural communities, he was purely talking about quantity.

There are more humans per square mile living inside of cities compared to any other moment in human history. Not only that, but the migration to cities is increasing at an even quicker rate (check out this article).

Because of this rapid increase, the Christian question continues: “How can I love my city?” More specifically, I need to ask: “How can I love my city like Jesus?”

Personally, I think there is a direct correlation between knowing your city and loving your city.

I’m not trying to convince you that if you magically know all the facts, demographics, and stats of Fort Collins that you will somehow sprinkle love dust all across our city (though they are interesting). What I am saying is that it’s incredibly difficult to love Fort Collins when you don’t understand the history, trajectory, or current problems we’re facing.

Again, I believe there is a positive relationship between knowing and loving your city.

In order to grow in your knowledge and love, consider attending this year’s “State of the City Address.” Hosted by CSU, you will hear from Mayor Wade Troxell & City Manager Darin Atteberry with appetizers and a cash bar to follow. The event is held on campus at Canvas Stadium Hall of Champions, 751 W. Pitkin St.

State of the City Address
Tuesday, Jan 28 at 6pm

It does require an RSVP so follow this link to reserve your spot. If it’s sold out—you can also live stream the address into the comfort of your own home!

Together, we can LoveFoCo. Together we can make a difference in our city.

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