We believe that Fort Collins does not merely exist for our benefit, but that in part, we exist for the benefit and flourishing of Fort Collins. With surprisingly simple and profoundly generous acts of love, we believe we will see Fort Collins flourish in a generative way. Both native Coloradans and those who are new to the area, both the haves and have-nots, we feel called to this amazing city. Our desire is that all who call Fort Collins home would experience peace and prosperity.
Fort Collins is full of rich stories with a history as a distinctive crossroads for Native Americans, French trappers, and as an agricultural center. The future of this crossroads is vibrant growth as our incredible city draws students and citizens from across the country and around the world. With this great growth comes many challenges. We see these challenges as opportunities to love our city and its amazing people.
We want to be known for our love.


The Love FoCo movement was born at Vineyard of the Rockies, a diverse and generous church community located in Fort Collins, CO.
Our aim is simple: to see the transformation of our city and Northern Colorado. We seek to live in the tension of the radical middle, connecting, empowering, and serving our community.
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