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Hand Sanitizer & TP Giveaway

Mark your calendars for LoveFoCo’s first-ever “Hand Sanitizer & Toilet Paper giveaway!” Saturday, March 28, 9am to NoonVineyard Church of the Rockies1201 Riverside Ave, Fort Collins LoveFoCo is partnering with Vineyard Church of the Rockies to give away much-needed supplies in a time of need. If you’re looking for toilet paper, diapers, baby wipes, or […]

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Virtual Happy Hour

Our last blog entry talked about ‘Physical Distancing’ compared to ‘Social Distancing.’  We focused on our great need for connection and relationship and how without it, we are at risk for other health problems like depression, anxiety, and loneliness.  Today's post is fully dedicated to one of the great ways we’re making human connection happen: […]

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Physical Distancing > Social Distancing

In an effort to "flatten the curve," we’ve received all kinds of instruction for living in a pandemic. Working from home is at an all-time high, we're all humming tunes while washing our hands, and we've been told to stay six feet away from people. Let me be clear: all these ideas are great. I’m […]

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Love Your Family

Last week, my son wrote me the sweetest note. He talked about his favorite sports, how he likes to play with me, his favorite football teams, and even drew me a couple of pictures. Then he simply wrote: “I love you, dad.”  But that’s not what I read.  I promise you it’s what was written. […]

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Responding to COVID-19

A lot has changed in the last few days.  On March 11th, 2020, COVID-19 was declared to be a global pandemic.  Since then, your inbox and social media feeds have been inundated with tips on how to stay healthy, appropriately wash your hands, and how to #socialdistance.  This post and the next several posts won’t […]

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State of the City Address

Tim Keller is one of my favorite pastors, writers, and Christian leaders these days. With his expansive understanding and provoking thought process, he forces me to dig deeper into my own faith and sharpen my communication. Active on Twitter, Keller released this statement a few years ago and at first, I admit, I wanted to […]

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Dr. MLK Jr. March

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” -Dr Martin Luther King, Jr If you’re looking for a simple, yet profound way to Love FoCo, join the MLK Jr. Day March & Celebration on Monday, January 20. Dr. MLK Jr. MarchMonday, Jan 20 at 11ammlkfortcollins.org Lending your voice and […]

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Hello FOCO!

Does God care for cities? Does God love Fort Collins? Theologically, I think the answer is a resounding ‘YES!’ The story of God in the Bible starts in a garden and ends in a city! And along the way, the Bible has a lot to say about God’s heart for cities. Jesus wept over Jerusalem. […]

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